Killing two birds with one stone

Ever thought about how you could improve your Finnish skills without having to spend a lot of time studying? The solution can be really simple. The start may be a bit difficult, but you must convince yourself not to let language to restrict your life.

Try these steps:

  1. Think about a hobby or sport you’d like to try or start over again. Perhaps going to the gym or dancing? Or would you rather practice archery or rock climbing?
  2. Use a dictionary to find the Finnish name of the hobby and google for it around your location, or ask your acquaintances where and when it could be practiced. If it’s something that’s practiced solo, find an Internet forum or a club for its practitioners.
  3. Browse the dictionary for words needed in the hobby or when talking about it.
  4. Participate in a hobby event and use all related Finnish words you can muster. If you find it difficult to make conversation, you can ask the other participants or the instructor about the hobby and how it’s practiced. Never resort to English to say something you could say in Finnish.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4…
  6. …until you get bored of the hobby. Then repeat steps 1-6.

If you don’t give up within the first five phases, you’re bound to notice improvement in your language skills, and to find a natural and fun way of speaking the language! Your hard work will be rewarded sooner or later, and you’ll be presented with opportunities you could never have imagined.

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