Learnia is an easygoing language school founded in 2011. We teach Finnish and other languages in the Western Uusimaa region, from Helsinki to Hanko. We believe that learning languages depends on the atmosphere, the methods, and the learner’s attitude. That’s why Learnia provides you with a relaxed yet stimulating atmosphere and the methods of learning through experience and action. We know that you can do it, so stay positive and believe it yourself as well!

Our practice and many studies show that the best way to learn a language is to actively use it and that’s why our training is based on action and experience. What you actively do and say creates the experience which helps you remember the things learnt more efficiently even after the course. We often leave the classroom and practice the language in real situations. It’s challenging but rewarding and fun. In our courses we don’t want you to spend hours cramming the grammar or reading long course books. Start absorbing the language in real-life situations and learn for life.


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