Active Finnish for home service

Active Finnish 1 language course is intended for foreigners in the field of home service but it suits for other fields too. The students have none or little experience of using Finnish in their everyday life.  The student may also be a beginner in the grammar or they might know quite a lot, but don’t know how to use it when speaking (or want to improve their fluency). The student will learn basic communication skills with everyday words and also field specific vocabulary. The student will learn about Finnish culture and manners in the real life communication situations. Starting level is A1 or A2 and the aim is to strengthen the current level or get one level up (understanding and speaking). (Check your level language_levels)

The course consists of 24 contact lessons (á 45 min) once or twice a week. Every second lesson is having a conversation and doing different activities in real life situations.  Light home work will be given through the Internet.

The course consists of:

  • Skills evaluation
  • Grammar lessons (useful rules)
  • Conversation lessons (changing locations)
  • Partly personalized homework (through internet)
  • Personalized comments of the homework (outside of the lessons)
  • Skills evaluation after the course
  • Course certificate with evaluation

Advantages of  our course are:

  • Professional teaching
  • Learning to listen to different people (two different teachers + outsiders)
  • Learning activities (Action Learning/experiential learning)
  • Cosy classroom organization
  • No need to buy a book
  • No carrying papers
  • Communication in real situations
  • Focusing more on the quality than to the amount
  • Individual needs taken care of
  • Meeting different people
  • Learning about Finnish manners and culture
 The timetable and the locations will be discussed with the teacher.

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