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Are your foreign employees in contact with your Finnish customers and therefore need to enhance their language skills? Or would you just like them to feel more comfortable at the office?

A language course at Learnia will help improve communication and remove language barriers. Your employees will learn basic language skills as well as small talk and new vocabulary.  You can register your employee to a Finnish course, and give them a possibility to make new friends and integrate into the Finnish society! If you don’t find a suitable course, please contact us and tell us about your individual needs. We can offer private lessons to meet your specific language needs.

Do you think your employees would appreciate your company taking care of their spouse, too? Studies indicate that one of the main reasons foreigners return to their home country is that their family doesn’t feel at home in the new country. Family members are very welcome to join our courses as well.

Please read more about our training methods or check our open courses and contact us for a meeting where we define your individual needs and make a suitable plan for your company.


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