Cooperation partners


Foreigner’s integration – a matter of heart

Forenom and Learnia collaborate in order to offer your company the best possible integration process. We provide you a functional and comprehensive solution, all in one place. In addition to the practical matters we have organised for example a crab feast, rapujuhlat, that offered an opportunity for our clients to network. It is a matter of heart for us to make your experience of integrating into the new country a truly positive one.






Otaniemi International Network OIN is a network of over 1800 international professionals in the Greater Helsinki Region.

Otaniemi International Network provides a value adding entry point to information, services and networks that organisations and individuals need in all stages of relocation to Finland:

* local authority compliance

* setting up daily life routines

* building a career in Finland

* socially and professionally rewarding networks

TalentMatch is the platform developed for supporting international talents’ career development in Finland.  Please see information about up-coming recruitment and matchmaking events at


Language is a part of culture

Are you accustomed to your colleagues’ culture already, or do you find yourself confused with what’s happening around you from time to time, and unsure about customs and practices? Do your colleagues consider your ideas weird? Language and culture are intertwined, which is why we here at Learnia have begun collaborating with Engio Ky. Engio complements our language services with a broader focus on culture. Engio provides solid experience in adjusting to Finnish society as a foreigner, and in how to be successful at it.

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