Foreign entrepreneurs

Do you have problems with understanding your Finnish customers? Do you wonder why they behave in a certain way? Is your business not getting enough customers?
The number of foreign entrepreneurs in Finland is increasing. However, one potential obstacle making it more difficult to enter the job market is the lack of language skills. We want to encourage entrepreneurship and that’s why we see the language skills to be important. You have to understand your customers. When you have a good knowledge of the local language and manners, your customers will sense it as better customer service.
In the Learnia courses you will:
  • Learn about culture-related habits and manners
  • Get some knowledge of the Finnish business life
  • Get peer tutoring from other (foreign) entrepreneurs
  • Get sparring for the language and the entrepreneurship
Attend our open courses or ask about the courses aimed for entrepreneurs. You can also start by reading a student’s story and go on by reading a different story.

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