Talk and play your way to new skills

Interview with Fabiola Lopez Davalos, 3.2.2015

Fabiola came to Finland from Mexico to do her 6-month internship – and she stayed. She’s lived in Finland for over ten years now.

Recently, Fabiola started learning Finnish again after a long break.  She came to Learnia because her friend recommended it. She attended an open course and took some extra private lessons. Learnia’s courses complemented her other Finnish studies as they concentrated more on the practical issues than on theory. Fabiola quickly realised that language can be learnt properly only by actively practising it with other people.

Fabiola liked the way Learnia approched grammar issues and she thought the lessons were really effective. Fabiola has gained confidence in speaking because the trainer concentrated on her speaking skills and practising the everyday use of the language. Speaking has helped Fabiola to realise that she actually already knows enough to use the language in various situations. Alias, the game in which you have to guess the words, has taught her to get more creative when explaining things in Finnish.

Fabiola’s friends and colleagues have been positively surprised when they heard her speak Finnish. She still finds Finnish grammar challenging but now she’s beginning to realise that the more she uses the language, the less she has to think about the grammar. Now speaking seems easy to her but she finds it challenging when her friends get too excited about her Finnish skills and speak too fast to her. Funny situations occur when Fabiola mixes up words that sound similar, like ’hedelmä’ and ’vadelma’. When she sees that her friends look confused, she usually realises she’s made a mistake.

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