From English to Finglish and Finnish! event

When? 29.5.2012 at 5.30 pm

Where? Helsinki


The event was intended for people who want to learn Finnish and network together. The event was a success, and there were plenty of participants. Among other things, grammar hints on how to identify the verb person were given out. These were taught by Anne via video connection (example of our online lessons). From Taija, we learned what kinds of amusing mishaps may occur if we forget to pronounce a letter, or do not take the umlaut points over the letter  “ä” into account, for example (Minulla on passi/pässi laukussani. = I have a passport/ram in my bag.). We also heard thoughts on language learning from Marija from Serbia. Networking was not forgotten either, as everyone got to know each other in Finnish. We were also glad to see there was plenty of discussion in the event and the participants appeared to enjoy themselves. While networking, we also enjoyed the delicacies provided by Irene.



As have grown tired of hearing how difficult Finnish is, we wanted to provide those interested with a chance to learn something new and to show that learning does not always have to be dead serious.

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