Spend Christmas the Finnish way

If you’re spending joulu in Finland, you’re lucky! Not only is Finland a natural winter wonderland but it’s also the home of joulupukki. If you’re staying here over joulu, how about you spend it suomalaiseen tapaan?

Already before the holidays you can get in the mood by visiting joulumarkkinat. Find the nicest joululahjat for your family and friends, listen to joululaulut, and of course try some glögi!

If you want to spend the holidays completely suomalaiseen tapaan, get ready for a three-day celebration. Jouluaatto is an important night for Finns. That’s the night when joulukuusi is decorated, people go to cemeteries after it gets dark, and later in the evening they go to sauna. And let’s not forget about jouluateria! On a Finnish joulupöytä you can find kinkku, various types of laatikko-dishes (like porkkana-, lanttu– or perunalaatikko), rosolli, and karjalanpaisti. After jouluateria is eaten, joulupukki pays a visit and brings lots of lahjat, especially for children who have been good the whole year.

Joulupäivä is a bit quieter, and families like spending it together, but on tapaninpäivä people tend to go out and meet up with their friends. Many of them go skiing or skating if the weather is good.

Do you have plans for joulu? Are you going to introduce any of the Finnish traditions to your celebration?

Hyvää joulua!

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