Spring is just around the corner. Time to get in shape!

And probably you thought we mean getting in shape physically. Of course, it is important. The spring is almost here and most of us probably want to get ready for the beach in the summer. But have you ever thought how to keep your brain in shape?

There are various ways you can keep your brain well fed and exercised. First of all, switch off your TV and read. That’s one of the best and probably nowadays the most undervalued food for your brain. Read books and magazines of various sorts––the more different topics and levels of complexity, the better for your brain.

Do some puzzles and crosswords. They make you think outside the box and get your brain exercised in a different way than usually. You can find a lot of online games and quizzes whose main purpose is to exercise the brain. You can also get a copy of sudoku book, or try to solve a Rubik’s cube.

Start learning a new language. It broadens your mind, makes you think in different perspectives than before, and even helps you notice new things about your own language. And, as some recent studies show, speaking more than one language can delay the onset of dementia! Just remember to learn it actively – speak, listen and use it as much as possible, so your brain is exercised everyday.

Take care of your body––sleep, eat, and exercise well. And don’t forget about your ’mental muscle’!

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