Private lessons

Would you like to get a better job and/or make your social life richer? Have you noticed that there are so much more options for those who speak more languages?

Maybe groups and scheduled lessons don’t fit into your life right now? Try our private courses. They are planned around your needs and wishes. Private lessons can be held flexibly on-line, or you can meet your trainer at a location suitable for you.

In addition to learning the language and getting more confidence in using it, other aspects of your life will also be affected. In Learnia you learn for life. Learnia’s courses will help you improve in these areas:

  • Confidence in using Finnish in real life
  • Understanding your Finnish workmates and customers
  • Getting familiarized with culture and manners
  • Better chances of getting work in your own field
  • Networking
  • More opportunities for new hobbies and studies
  • Feeling of belonging in the society

Read about our courses and contact us for registration or to get more information.


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