Integration as a matter of heart

Moving to a new country is always challenging and exciting – and can sometimes be extremely stressful. For successful immigration it is important that the beginning goes well and the practicalities are taken care of appropiately. This way excessive stress can be avoided and a good base is built for life and work in a new country.

Integrating into a foreign country is time-consuming and takes a lot of energy but it is essential if you are planning to stay for a long period of time. The integration process begins by observing the new culture. It is important to understand what goes on around you and how the locals deal with everyday phenomena. The key to adaptation is language, even elementary knowledge of it. Even though you might be able to survive in Finland only speaking English, knowledge of the Finnish language will often help to establish and deepen social contacts with the locals. Profound understanding of the culture and living in it cannot truly begin before you start to learn the language and engage in everyday situations.

When the departure is confirmed, that is when the bustle starts. Before leaving, all the documentation, such as visas and work permits, should be in order. After arriving to the new country the next step is to deal with housing matters and register with the authorities. It is convenient to get to know the surroundings and somehow find the way to the new work place, as well. Not to mention finding schools or making day care arrangements if your family is moving with you!

However, there is no need to do all this alone. The Relocation services help you all along the way whether you need assistance with housing or the authorities, or support in your family’s integration process. The Relocation services aim at easing adaptation into the new environment through a personal and professional service experience. Our professionals have vast knowledge of integration from different cultures, and the Relocation services specifically concentrate on the most common challenges foreigners face in Finland.

After arriving to the country and settling in, the integration process begins. It involves for example the attitudes you and your family might have towards the new country and living in it. Finding new friends and hobbies makes adaptation easier but the daily routines might be a challenge. You will need to buy food even if the labels do not make any sense to you.

Learning the language facilitates and enables many things. The learning process might be challenging but you can find support in that as well. Learning a language does not need to involve traditional grammar exercises or vocabulary drills – it can be fun and practical. For example the daily shopping or doing your taxes can be practiced outside the classroom by actually going to the supermarket or the taxation office. Afterwards you will feel more comfortable and secure in similar situations. Cultural knowledge and know-how will also be gathered along the way.


The article is written by Johanna Larsson and Taija Sadornil.




Forenom and Learnia collaborate in order to offer your company the best possible integration process. We provide you a functional and comprehensive solution, all in one place. In addition to the practical matters we organised for example a crab feast, rapujuhlat, that offered an opportunity for our clients to network. It is a matter of heart for us to make your experience of integrating into the new country a truly positive one.


Forenom (Relocation -service)

“This is something I really appreciate, I couldn’t do it without Forenom. Mira and Aleksei at Forenom are good guys and responsible in their work. I asked lot of questions and they always answered quickly. They play a significant role of me being here in Finland.”   Our client Tozani



“I was looking for a natural and fun teaching method which was offered by Learnia. It’s about being able to communicate and talk, rather than focus on grammar and things that can be learned on a later stage. And everything was “Learning by laughing.” -Our client Daniel


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