Keep It Fun!

Learning a language doesn’t have to be dull. If you spend the whole time reading course books and learning vocabulary by heart, you can easily burn out. Turn language learning into a fun activity that you look forward to, not a learning chore you want to get over with. How?

1. Sing it out! Whether you listen and sing along to your favourite songs at home, or you go and have fun at a karaoke party, singing songs in a foreign language is both fun and beneficial for your learning process. It’s easier to remember new vocabulary if you learn it through lyrics and melody. You can also learn the correct pronunciation more easily.

2. Cook using recipes in your target language. You’ll learn food-specific vocabulary but also some useful grammar structures (hello, imperative!). If you use recipes for dishes that are popular in the country whose language you’re learning, you’ll get to know a bit of the culture as well.

3. Do some of your friends learn foreign languages too? Organize a language club! If you learn the same language, then you can practise speaking it with your friends. If you all learn different languages, you can also meet and share your passion for those languages with your friends. Introduce each other to movies or books in your target languages, cook a traditional dish together, or have a dance party with music in your target languages.

4. Play. Incorporate games into your learning process – boardgames, card games, memory games. Anything that will break the boring routine. Studies show that you learn more easily when you actively experience what you’re learning. If it’s also fun, you are likely to remember even more.

5. If you spend a lot of time learning at home, why not dedicate one corner of your room to the language you’re learning? The rules are up to you – it can be the corner where you only speak the target language, where you always play the radio in that language, or where everything has a post-it with its name in that language.

There are plenty of ways of keeping your learning process fun. Ask yourself what you enjoy doing and try to incorporate it into your learning process.

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