How To Overcome a Language Learning Block

In the life of every language learner there’s this point when you think of giving up. You’ve been learning and practising for a long time, happy to see the progress, and at some point it just starts to seem like your brain cannot absorb any more knowledge. Have I reached my limits for this language? No! Stay positive, there are some things you can do to overcome this language learning block!

1. Remember why you’re doing it. Are you learning this language so you can travel? Are you passionate about the country’s literature or movies? Are you doing it for better work prospects? For love? Every now and then it’s good to remind yourself what drives you.

2. Measure your success. Do you remember the first time you managed to put a whole sentence in your target language? And later you understood some parts of a conversation you overheard? Or you learnt and used the right slag word in a conversation? Along the way of language learning there are plenty of milestones. Think of them whenever you hit the block. You’re better than you were before. And if you keep on practising, you’ll get even better than now.

3. Find a language buddy. It’s always easier to stay motivated when there’s someone to share the good and the bad moments with. You can’t quit when you’re buddy is relying on you! And learning together is fun, which also helps to stay motivated.

4. Yes, keep it fun! Not only when you hit the learning block but all the time! Don’t just learn your course book by heart or cram vocabulary and grammar day and night. Play a game, listen to foreign songs, or attend a foreign language karaoke night. Learning a language doesn’t have to be tedious, it should be fun! Studies show that when you learn by actively doing something, you remember more. We can vouch for that, our whole learning strategy at Learnia is based on it! So do something fun and unusual to help you remember what you’re learning. And to enjoy the process, too.

Don’t give up! Even if you don’t see any progress at the moment, you are going forward. Sticking to it will pay off!

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