Learnia’s Experiential Finnish 2 course

Learnia’s Experiential Finnish Talk 2 gives you a chance to master your basic Finnish skills. You already have quite good knowledge of basic Finnish and some experience in using it. The course will help you extend your vocabulary, gain confidence in speaking and find new ways to express yourself in Finnish. The starting spoken language level is A2 or B1 (Check your level: language_levels) and the aim is to strengthen it or get one level up.

In this course you will practice different tenses and polish your pronunciation. You will have a chance to improve in the areas that are especially difficult for you and to review/learn some grammar and apply it when speaking. The course will help you extend your vocabulary as well. You will also deepen your knowledge of Finnish culture and manners.

The course consists of 24 contact lessons  (á 45 min) and the duration is 6 weeks. The course includes various activities concentrating on communication. The issues learned (grammar and conversation) during the course will be reviewed in the last week. The maximum number of students is 8.

The course consists of:

  • Skills evaluation
  • Grammar lessons (useful rules)
  • Conversation lessons (changing locations)
  • Personalized comments of the homework (outside of the lessons)
  • Course certificate with evaluation on request

Advantages of the our course are:

  • Motivational learning environment
  • Communicating with different people (two different teachers + outsiders)
  • Learning activities (Action LearningExperiential Learning)
  • Cosy classroom organization
  • No need to buy a book
  • No carrying piles of papers
  • Communication in real situations
  • Focusing more on the quality than the amount
  • Individual needs taken care of
  • Deepening the knowledge of the culture
The course location will be announced before the course. The conversation classes will be held in changing locations close by the announced location. The timetable and the locations will be discussed with the teacher.

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