Learnia’s Experiential Finnish Talk 2 course

Learnia’s Experiential Finnish Talk 2 gives you a chance to master your Finnish skills. You already have quite good knowledge of basic Finnish and some experience in using it. In Talk 2 you will get confidence in your communication skills. The course will allow you to practice different tenses and extend your vocabulary. You will also deepen your knowledge of Finnish culture and manners in real life situations.

The starting level in spoken Finnish is A2 or B1 (Check your level: language_levels) and the aim is to strengthen it or get one level up. Every lesson will cover a different topic which will be announced beforehand so you can prepare yourself by studying some vocabulary independently. Most meetings are held outside the classroom so you can practice speaking Finnish in real situations. We believe that the best results come by practicing the language through action and experience.

The course will last 6 weeks and consist of 12 lessons (á 45 min). The maximum number of students is 8 so the trainer can pay close attention to everyone’s needs. The locations will be agreed on beforehand with the trainer.

Why choose Talk 2 ?

  • You will master your Finnish skills by actively speaking it
  • You will extend your vocabulary
  • You will gain practical experience in listening, reading, filling in forms, etc.
  • The meetings include various activities so you will learn through action and experience
  • You will meet different people and make new friends
  • You will get individual attention from your trainer
  • We will give you a course certificate

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