Learning by laughing

June 2014, Daniel

Tell about yourself, where are you from? Have you been in Finland many times? How long have you been learning Finnish?

My name is Daniel, originally I’m from Colombia but I have been living for the past 10 years in Germany. I never imagined that I would EVER learn Finnish, in fact everything I knew about Finland was: Nokia, Car racers and Saunas. Basically the main reasons I had for learning the Language were two: the first one was love; and the second one was a personal challenge to learn a 6th language.

How did you study Finnish in the course?

I had a private teacher ( Moi Hanna!!!) and had a very intensive immersion into the language from 9:00 to 14:00 for 4 days. We focused on basic grammar structures, verbs, numbers and vocabulary so that I was able to communicate in a simple way and have enough tools to have a rough understanding of the language. In the morning we used didactic materials, books and songs, and in the afternoon we went to the ”real world” to use the learned sentences, in the real life eg. the supermarket, a cafe, the train station.

What was the best / funniest things in the course?  

The best thing was having a OVER MOTIVATED teacher that never gave up and always helped me to find the right path and explained me the things through singing, drawing, acting… and did everything possible NOT to translate to English and give me the answer: she guided me to every answer The funniest situation was after the first day when I went by myself to a restaurant and ordered and the lady asked me why my Finnish was so good and my answer was: ”Today I had 4 hours in the morning”… And the waiter was speechless and said ”No one learns Finnish so fast”

Why did you come to Learnia? How are Learnia’s courses different from other language courses?

I used to be a German and Spanish teacher in the past and I was looking for a natural and fun teaching method which was offered by Learnia. It’s about being able to communicate and talk, rather than focus on grammar and things that can be learned on a later stage. And everything was ”Learning by laughing.”

What do  you think of Finnish language? What the easiest and the hardest about it?

Starting to learn a language is like pushing a car and get it rolling… Well learning Finnish was more like pushing a HUGE TRUCK… But I’m rolling slowly 🙂

Has anything funny or weird ever happened when you spoke Finnish?

Everything is weird about Finnish, the vocabulary and the grammar are different than in any other language I speak. It’s like playing SCRABBLE: once you are full with letters that you cannot use, that’s when the Finnish language starts!

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