Learnia’s Get Togethers in the summer 2012

The idea in LGT is to speak Finnish with Finns. A Finnish person gives a short introduction on a certain subject (it can also be someone else), after which he/she helps people practice. The discussion continues around the subject, possibly changing to another subject towards the end.

This is not a serious event; rather, the idea is to learn how to use Finnish in social situations. During summer 2012, we will hold a few events such as these at different locations in Helsinki. The most up-to date information can always be found on our Facebook pages.


Learnia’s Get Together 3 (LGT3)

Place and time: Thursday 9th of August, Kämp Galleria shopping center, Helsinki. Meeting at 6 pm in front of the cigar shop Havanna-Aitta (Aleksanterinkatu entrance)

Topic: Dealing withe Finnish sales people in the shops

Description: Do you somethimes have problems in a shop when you are looking for a certain product or do you get irritated when the sales person standing next to you doesnt leave you alone? If yes, this is for you! We will first talk about the situations and then we actually go to practice to a real situation. You will learn how to deal with the Finnish sales people.

Level: Beginner and intermediate

Practical issues: REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. Please, let us know you are coming by sending us a note in www.learnia.fi/contact or give us a call. The event costs 5 € / participant.The event costs 5 € / participant. Please bring exact change. The event is mostly held in Finnish

You can find the latest info on Facebook


Learnia’s Get Together 2 (LGT2)

was held on Thursday 28.6.2012 klo 18 in Baker’s. Janni taught us e.g how to ask ”Guess what is this?” through the Telepath game. The cards gave funny combinations such as ”a handsome family member” and ”ugly instrument”. You had to come up with something that it could be. The red team wan!





Learnia’s Get Together 1 (LGT1)

was held 18.6.2012 in the Pub called Public Corner (Mikonkatu). We talked with Janni about who are we and which things we like etc. Many people had got last minute obstacles for participating, so we were a tiny group. Anyway, the atmosphere was good. We learned things that you never think to wonder in the classroom.


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