Oops… I made a mistake!

Let’s get it out there. Mistakes happen. Whatever you learn – a new recipe, maths or a new language, you will make some from time to time. And yes, it can be embarrassing, terrifying and even might make you want to stop learning (”I cannot do it. It’s too difficult!” – does it sound familiar?). But here’s the hint – they will happen. To everyone. Even the native speakers.

So once you realise they happen to everyone, try to use that to your advantage. First of all, step out of your comfort zone and start using your skills. Experiment with what you already know, try to use new phrases or start conversations on topics you’ve just learnt. Listen to the answers you’re given to pick up new words and structures. And believe it, however horrifying it may sound – when you speak and your mistakes get corrected, you are more likely to remember them and avoid making the same ones again.

Keep an open mind and try to have fun when speaking a new language. If you get corrected, just repeat it and try to remember. It will help you improve your skills and also learn how to receive constructive criticism.

Good luck!

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