How are your New Year’s Resolutions going?

Every year lots of people decide to take control over their lives and make New Year’s resolutions. I will start going to the gym. I will take up a new hobby. I will finally learn a foreign language… Sounds familiar? And now, after the first month most of us realise that keeping those resolutions will not be a piece of cake, and unfortunately some will just give up. How to make sure you keep on going so you’re satisfied with yourself at the end of this year?

The same rule applies for whatever you choose to achieve. Whether it’s a new hobby or developing an already known skill, the key to sticking with it throughout the whole year is to first evaluate what’s within reach. Do not assume that with full-time responsibilities like job, family and home, you will achieve absolute fluency in a new language within a year. Set smaller but more reasonable goals, like familiarising yourself with everyday situation topics or getting used to speaking Finnish at shops or with coworkers.

Another thing that helps you stick with your resolutions is to find time for them. Make sure that you place going to the gym, learning languages or attending a course on your timetable. When it’s a fixed part of your schedule, it’s easier to stick with it. And it’s harder to make excuses…

And last but definitely not least – do not give up! Everyone has a bad day from time to time, and one slip is not a reason to give up. Let yourself slip sometimes but the next day get back to work with a promise of being better than the day before.

Good luck!

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