Oma apu paras apu

January 2014, Katrina

With a Finnish passport by birthright, Katrina came to Finland a little over two years ago to fulfil a childhood dream. Upon arrival she took several introductory Finnish language courses – heavy on grammar and written work, low on spoken practice.

Hoping to communicate more fluently with relatives and colleagues, Katrina wanted to take her Finnish to a more conversational level when Learnia was introduced by a colleague. After a brief email discussion with Learnia it was decided that she would join LEFT2.

The LEFT2 course provided weekly word lists to increase vocabulary and topics covered social situations. These varied from doctors’ visits to housing/living arrangements and incorporated activities and phone calls. ‘The classes were challenging and fun. It was a really enjoyable learning experience with the social setting and learning games used as teaching aides,’ said Katrina.

She recommends the course to those who would like more opportunities to learn and practice spoken Finnish. ‘A lot of foreigners find the Finnish language difficult, however, if you put yourself in situations where you can practice you will get back the effort that you put in. Like the Finnish idiom, ‘Oma apu paras apu.’ Helping yourself is the best help.’

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