English just wasn’t enough

Interview with Petri Laurila, 23.9.2014

Hi! My name is Petri. I’ve visited Spain about 15 times, the last five in Torrevieja on Costa Blanca. I spent some time there and noticed that speaking just English wasn’t enough. It was time for me to learn Spanish.

I learnt Spanish in an adult education centre and recently I’ve learnt Spanish at Learnia. I’ve had a private course – twice a week for a month. I chose Learnia because of the good experiences with the school we had at work. One Estonian employee improved the Finnish skills during a private course and we were left with good impression about Learnia. What I liked best during my course was the possibility of explaining everything that wasn’t clear. My trainer also paid attention to what I needed at the very moment.

Spanish is a nice language but the grammar is a bit difficult. Some words and the basic structure of the language were relatively easy as I had studied Portuguese earlier for a year. They have a lot in common. However, the fast tempo of the spoken language sometimes makes it hard to follow.

I haven’t had any funny situations when speaking Spanish but I’ve noticed that the Spanish taxi drivers like it when they get some support in scorning the other drivers, who of course always drive very badly.

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