Points campaign

In summer 2012, you can earn points to get lessons for free. The points entitle you to the following benefits:

35 p group lesson

65 p private lesson (online)

100 p private lesson (on-site)


You can earn points by preparing an introduction (approx. 15 min) on a subject you have learned related to Finnish, which you wish to share with others (10 p) in LGT. Please inform us of your name and your subject three days in advance.

You can also earn points by helping us spread the word by tweeting (Twitter), making status updates in Facebook, by blogging, or whatever else you can come up with (5 p). Just send us a copy or link and we will register your points for you. You can earn up to 25 points per week. The points can be used during 1.9-31.12.2012.

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