Why not learn with a friend?

Learning Finnish in a cafeWhy do we learn languages? It all comes down to communication. We want to be able to talk and be understood. But a lot of language learners find speaking the hardest and most stressful part of learning. So what could be a better way to practise than to do that with a friend with whom we feel comfortable and who happens to be a native speaker of our target language?

If you have a friend who’s a native speaker of the language you’re learning, try to use it with them as much as possible. Not only will you learn new words and phrases but you’ll also learn the proper pronunciation. It’s also easier to ask questions or make a mistake when it’s a friend you’re talking to.

Let’s not forget about all the cultural benefits that are waiting for you. Your local friend can give you more insight into the culture and the people. You might learn about the things that you will not read in a course book!

And what’s even more interesting – your friend might be interested in learning YOUR language! You can teach them your language and share all the beautiful things about your own culture – to a mutual benefit.

But if you don’t have a friend who speaks your target language or you just don’t feel comfortable breaking the habit of your friendship and switching to another language, come to Learnia. Here we are all friends. We’ll help you gain confidence in speaking and we’ll share some secrets about the culture as well. Don’t be a stranger!

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