Why learning Finnish should be your priority

If you know English, you’ll be able to get by in most places in the world, especially in Finland where the majority speaks it well. It makes it easy to convince yourself that learning Finnish is less of a priority since you can get your henkilötunnus and verokortti or talk to a doctor in English. Should learning Finnish be your priority?

While it’s true that you can get most things done in English, there are multiple benefits of learning and using the local language everyday, also in Finland.


Many offices use English as their work language and they don’t necessarily require any knowledge of Finnish. However, being able to hold a conversation in Finnish, and especially knowing the field specific jargon, can land you a better job ahead of the other applicants! And later on, it can get you on a fast track to getting noticed and promoted. It shows your employer that you’re serious about working and staying in Finland which makes you a valuable asset.

If you’re thinking of making Finland your home for a longer while, knowing the local language will also get you closer to the society. You can benefit from everything that the culture has to offer – films, music, theatre, and more! Not to mention being able to follow the news and popular programmes on TV or radio, which is often a topic of workplace conversations in break rooms.

And let’s not forget about something important and quite rewarding – the brownie points you earn with Finns whenever you’re talking to them in their own language. They really appreciate your efforts. Don’t get offended when they switch to English; they’re being polite (and maybe they, too, want to practice their language skills?). But don’t let them do that, stick to speaking Finnish, listen to how they talk, and try to imitate their accents.

However easy sticking to English may seem, persistently speaking Finnish will pay off sooner than you think!


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