Learning without learning. Possible?

Everyone who learns a foreign language at some points wonders ’Is it possible to speed up my progress without actually spending much time learning?’ There are different ways to achieve fluency but some things done aside from learning can definitely speed it up.

The most important, and probably the most terrifying thing for most is to start speaking right away. Don’t worry that you make mistakes, forget some grammar or words. When in doubt use your body language – it’s the easiest way to communicate. You can also try speaking that language to yourself first. This way you’ll tame the language and soon it’ll become a bit easier to speak it with other people.

You don’t need to know every single word to be able to express yourself. Various studies show different numbers but they in general agree that for the daily communication you need only a small number of words. Learn the most commonly used words and phrases and start using them daily. Based on them you’ll soon pick up some new ones.

Technology is your friend. Use the Internet, your computer and smart phone as a tool to learning foreign languages. Sign up for Word of the Day mailing lists or listen to the radio even without actively paying attention to it. Technology can bring the foreign language closer to you and make it seem less foreign after a while.

And most importantly, keep an open mind. Forget excuses like ’I’m too old’, ’I don’t know how’ and ’I will never be able to do it’! Practising daily will get you closer to your goal.

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