Taking up a new language: Learnia’s step-by-step guide

With the summer almost over, a lot of people think of taking up new hobbies or developing their skills. Languages are quite often one of them. But how to decide what language to take up and how to do that? Ask yourself these questions:


Why do I need a new language?

Have you moved to a foreign country? Do you do business with foreigners? Are you planning on travelling abroad?

Learning the language of the country you’re living in or of the people with whom you do business gives you an invaluable advantage: the language barrier slowly goes down, the communication flows better, not to mention – you earn some brownie points for trying.


Which skills do I need the most?

Would you like to be able to communicate with the locals? Would watching the films or reading the books in the designated language be of interest to you? Do you need to write various type of papers?

Set your goals straight and choose the option that suits your needs the best: sign up for a conversational course, stream the vocabulary podcast or pair up with a native speaker. Don’t forget that learning a language is the whole package so make sure you eventually develop other skills as well.


What do I want to achieve?

It’s good to have an objective. Whether your goal is to start having everyday conversations in the office or pass a language exam, the goals will help you measure your progress. Start with baby steps. Smaller goals are easier to achieve which will keep you motivated longer.


If you’re about to take up a new language (Finnish, perhaps?), let us know how it’s going for you. Stay positive – we know that you can do it!

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