Language learning in 21st century

The best way to speed up your learning progress is to use it actively every day – talk to native speakers, watch films or listen to the radio. But it’s also worth working on your vocabulary on daily basis and this you can achieve with some help from your smart phone or computer.

Are you a smart phone user? You can learn new things wherever you are – when commuting to work or waiting in a line in a store. There are numerous apps to help you learn new vocabulary and practise the phrases you already know using flashcards, quick translations or quizzes.

At home or on the go, you can also listen to podcasts. Depending on how well you know the language, you can either listen to language lessons or to a podcast in your target language about things you’re interested in: books, films or politics.

Internet communicators and forums are an amazing way to keep practising the language when you can’t find any native speakers nearby. There are websites which help you connect with people who might want to learn your language in exchange. Your language training can be one Skype-call away!

Especially when you’re busy and can’t commute to language classes regularly, Skype lessons can help you better organize your time. Learnia will gladly help you immerse in your target language also at home. Check out our courses and start using technology to your advantage with us today!

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