The best part of private lessons is conversation

Interwiew with Min-jun, 19th November 2013


Min-jun came to Learnia because he truly wanted to speak Finnish. He had only studied grammar and vocabulary before. At work he speaks English or Korean, so he doesn’t get to speak Finnish very often. Min-jun takes Learnia’s private Finnish lessons. Each lesson has a specific topic of conversation. Recently the topic has been the purchase and sale of an apartment.

Min-jun thinks that the easiest part of Finnish is language structure. It’s similar to his native language, which also relies on suffixes at the end of words. The hardest part for him is the vocabulary, because it’s all new to him. Min-jun has now lived in Finland for a little over a year. He has studied Finnish for a year while working, and already speaks Finnish very well. Min-jun is a great example of how time spent on learning a language is not as important as motivation and good study techniques.

”Finnish isn’t difficult. It’s different, but not difficult.” he says. According to Min-jun, the private lessons usually begin with conversation for about 30 minutes, followed by different tasks like reading from a comic book or discussion about home assignments. ”I like to ask a lot of questions!”

What have you liked the most on your lessons? ”Conversation!”, he replies.

The name of the student has been changed.

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