Training methods

Learnia language courses are more than conventional language courses! With us you will use a variety of learning activities, such as Experiential and Action Learning methods, in order to improve your communication skills in your target language rapidly.

Many studies have proven that the most effective way to learn is to be actively involved in the learning situation.  Most of our lessons are outside the classroom, where we practice speaking in real situations. It’s challenging but rewarding and fun. Our language training is largely based on speaking and other activities involving communication, so you’ll have an easy time learning and remembering the things taught afterwards. Our students gain ”tools” for self-learning as well, so the benefits of the course can far outlast the length of the actual course.

Completing a Learnia language course will give you the tools you need for everyday communication, even if you haven’t learned every single word of your target language. We challenge you in ways that will help you remember the majority of things you learn during our lessons.

Our groups don’t exceed 8 students, so you will get a lot of attention from your trainer. You will learn not only from the trainer but also from your fellow students. You will learn for real life, not just for getting good grades.



Finnish We offer mainly Finnish for foreigners. We offer a variety of open courses as well as private lessons or a combination of them modified for your particular needs. Check the course descriptions here.

Other languages Just let us know the language you are interested in and your goals and we will organize a private course for you and your friends/company. Get more information here.


What do our students say about our courses?

I would describe it as a very active course where people engage in real life situations, communicate with other people in Finnish, and actually combine theory and practice. 

You practice more and get more attention from the teacher than in ”normal courses”.

It was good to fix the things I already knew and put them into practice.


Interested in trying it out? Check our open courses or contact us and ask about our private courses. 


This much we remember after 2 weeks from learning…!


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