Learnia’s Experiential Finnish 1 course

Learnia’s Experiential Finnish 1 will help you put your basic Finnish knowledge into practice. You might have very little, or even none experience in using Finnish in everyday life. You might also be a beginner in grammar, or you could already know quite a lot but you don’t know how to use it when speaking. In this course you will gain basic communication skills and learn necessary everyday words. You will also learn about Finnish culture and manners.

The starting spoken language level is A1 and the aim is to strengthen it or to improve to a higher level (understanding and speaking). (Check your level at language_levels)

The course consists of 24 lessons (á 45 min) and the duration is 6 weeks. The course includes various activities involving speaking and active listening.


The course consists of:

  • Skills evaluation
  • Grammar lessons (useful rules)
  • Conversation practice (changing locations)
  • Course certificate with evaluation on request

Advantages of the our course are:

  • Motivational learning environment
  • Learning to listen to different people (two different trainers + outsiders)
  • Learning activities (Action Learning, Experiential Learning)
  • Cosy classroom – relaxed athmosphere
  • No need to buy a book
  • No carrying piles of papers
  • Communicating in real situations
  • Individual advice on pronunciation
  • Meeting different people & making new friends
  • Learning about Finnish manners and culture
Course location will be announced before the course.  A small preparation kit and tips-for-learning will be provided beforehand.

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