Learnia’s Finnish Talk 1 course

Learnia’s Finnish Talk 1 will help you put your basic Finnish skills into practice. Even if you don’t have much experience in speaking Finnish, this course will give you more confidence in using it in everyday situations.

Talk 1 covers the most essential topics for the first stages of learning Finnish. You can also suggest any topics you find interesting and important, and we can tailor the program to your needs. Every week we cover a different topic, which is announced beforehand so you can prepare yourself by studying some vocabulary independently.

We understand that living in a foreign country can sometimes be overwhelming. That’s why we make sure you learn not only the language but also get more familiar with Finnish culture and manners.

Starting language level for the course is A1 or A2 (Check your level: language_levels). We aim to strengthen it, or even reach a higher level. We keep our groups small (max. 8 participants) so that you get enough attention from your trainer. Most meetings are held outside the classroom, where you will practice speaking Finnish in real situations. We believe that the best results come from practicing the language through action and experience.

The course lasts 6 weeks and consist of 12 lessons (á 45 min).


Why choose Talk 1 -course?

  • You will put your knowledge into practice and start speaking Finnish actively
  • You will get to know most commonly used phrases and learn how to use them
  • The meetings include various activities so you won’t spend your time cramming grammar or reading course books!
  • You will meet different people and make new friends
  • You will get individual attention from your trainer
  • You will receive a course certificate

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