International Dance and Brain Fitness Evening

¡For a company get-together or your own entertainment!

Time: Thu 28.11.2013 from 18 pm to 21 pm

Place: Mikonkatu 17 (the Livingroom of the culture center Caisa)

Price: 39 € (the payment instructions will be sent in the confirmation of the registration)

Languages: FI and EN

Registration by 15.11.2013 at Register in Facebook as well.

Come learn, wonder and enjoy the evening in an exciting international atmosphere! Our workshop is all about languages, cultures and dancing. Come and join us, partake actively and exchange ideas with other participants!

The event is held partially in English (for more information, click the advertisement). Participants can speak Finnish or English (participants in the Spanish event can also speak Spanish). The event includes sweet and savory snacks in cocktail fashion. The event is aimed at everyone interested and excited about an international atmosphere and wanting to understand it better.

The event is organized in co-operation by Learnia Oy, Himo Club Oy and Engio ky.


N.B.! We will gladly host a similar event for your company at a time of your choosing!


Introductions of the organizers and the program



HiMO Club is a dance and fitness club for women, located in Helsinki at Lönnrotinkatu 32 D 35, The dancing instructors are experienced and trained professionals. HiMO teaches unique dancing styles, such as Charleston dance- a fun and energetic gem from the 1920’s; PILOXING lesson, combining Pilates and boxing, as well as HiMO Club’s own creation SKiNNY jeans workout, promising to fit you in your old, small jeans in four weeks. The class selection also includes Burleski dance, the magical Tribal Fusion Bellydance and countless other dances! HiMO was born out of passion for dance and fitness!

Come unbutton your shirt and let your hair down at the event while dancing to Indian Bollywoodia and Jamaican Dancehallia under the guidance of our sunny instructor, Riikka Ilmivalta! Let´s have a party!


ENGIO offers consulting and training services in cross-cultural communications, career counseling, as well as child and youth empowerment. In addition it offers event planning. ENGIO’s main objective is to help its clients to succeed in each and every one of their professional endeavors. ENGIO’s competent and experienced multilingual team ensures that you quickly become efficient and productive in your new environment.

ENGIO provides education and consulting service of highest quality and most personalized assistance to organizations, individuals and families.

At the event, Oge Eneh will lecture on the theory of cross-cultural communications, leading us to consider our own approaches and share them with other participants.


LEARNIA offers practical language training for adults (companies and individuals). The training at LEARNIA concentrates on communication skills, without forgetting the importance of the grammar. The training approach at LEARNIA is to take individuals into account in both group and private training. At LEARNIA, they are genuinely interested in you and your learning experience. 

At LEARNIA you don’t simply learn the language, you also get some tools for handling and enjoying everyday life. There are applied Experiential Learning and Action Learning methods in the training. The philosophy of LEARNIA is that you should learn for the life, not just for getting good grades! 

At the event, Taija Sadornil and Hanna Koivisto will discuss some funny features of Spanish and/or Finnish (depending on the participants) from the point of view of a Finnish/Spanish speaker. The participants will get a change to taste the words in their own mouths as well.  

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